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Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

by Misophonia International

Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Eye Mask Built-In Speaker With Stereo Sleeping Earphone For Bedtime & Travel

Price 9.0
Noise Cancellation 5.0
Comfort 2.0
Durability 1.0
Sound Quality 2.0


  • Nice Carrying Case
  • Bluetooth
  • Has Cord Just In-Case


  • Could Sound Better
  • Could Be A Little Louder
  • Discomfort For Side Sleepers
  • Breaks Easily

I can’t sleep without white noise playing. I also can’t sleep without an eye-mask. In a past article on sleeping with misophonia I talked about all of this. When I purchased this sleep eye-mask I wasn’t expecting much. In-fact, I was ready to send them back if they weren’t ideal. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is this eye-mask mostly comfortable, it stays on my face all night long, and it’s great for listening to meditation, or white noise. The only issue is that if you wear it over earplugs, the noise might not be loud enough. Without earplugs, and it’s the perfect volume. They could sound a little bit better, and have a slight tin-like aspect, but it’s not enough that it triggered me – and it’s certainly better than trying to wear both headphones and a sleep mask. They’re rather comfortable, but if you sleep on your side there will be a little bit of pressure where the speakers are. The meshing inside is actually very soft, and didn’t bother me despite having tactile triggers. Price-wise, they are decent since they’re around $30-$40 depending on if you’re in the US or Canada.

As an added bonus (or perhaps the best features) these work with Bluetooth, have a charge of 1-2 nights, and are wireless. I would definitely recommend! While this wasn’t a featured that mattered to me (since I’m not using them to travel), they came with a nice hard travel case. The case is hard and is great if you’ll be frequently using them on trips. It’s about the size of a pocket camera case.

Update: After a couple of months the LEFT speaker completely stopped working. I emailed the company (via Amazon) and despite it being past the date, they replaced them and shipped out new ones within 10 hours. However, I do find them flimsy, and just… not that great. Long term I just don’t use them or find them loud enough. Also, if you’re a side sleeper, they are very uncomfortable over time.

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