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What is Misophonia Education?

by Shaylynn H.
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www.MisophoniaEducation.com is the newly launched workshop and education website by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout PsyD. These workshops will provide an overview of misophonia, the history of the disorder, as well as current research and coping tips on a variety of misophonia related topics. Misophonia Education was launched to help clinicians, teachers, parents, and misophonia sufferers learn about the disorder from an accurate source.

Dr. Brout is the head of the International Misophonia Research Network as well as co-founder of the Duke Misophonia and Emotion program. Dr. Brout will be featuring special guests such as renowned researchers for these events, to ensure that misophonia education is covered on a variety of topics and disciplines. Providers who attend the workshops will be eligible to be listed on www.misophoniaproviders.com a list that aims to connect cross-disciplinary providers with sufferers.

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Want to learn more? Join a Workshop with Dr. Jennifer Brout or Duke CMER at Misophonia Education.