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What are misophonia coping skills classes?

by Shaylynn H.
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What is RRR?

Regulate, Reason, Reassure, or “RRR” is a coping skills class for parents, (kids, teens, young adults), adults, or clinicians who are looking for a way to manage and understand misophonia. RRR combined psychoeducation, cognitive therapies, and a sensory self-regulation approach. RRR has three manuals: one for parents, one for adults, and one for clinicians. Together with these manuals, RRR forms a coping skills class for all ages.

Who came up with RRR?

Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout, a psych doctor in the United States came up with RRR as a response to her child, and her own misophonia. Dr. Brout has worked tirelessly on sensory-overresponsivity and auditory over-responsivity (which later became coined as misophonia) for two decades. Dr. Brout formed the SenNetwork in the mid 2000s, and went on to found the Duke Sensory Processing and Emotion Regulation Program in 2007, which went on to become the present day Duke Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation (CMER). Presently, Dr, Brout runs the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN), and is co-director of Misophonia Education.

How do I take a Coping Skills (RRR) class?

Coping Skills classes are held online via Zoom. Registrations are done through our website, www.misophoniaeducation.com, and each class has its own registration. Clinicians and teachers classes are on-demand, where classes for parents, adults, teens, and young adults are live over the course of two nights.

Links to each class type

Parents Class: http://www.misophoniaeducation.com/parents-class

Adult Class: http://www.misophoniaeducation.com/adult-class

Teen Class: http://www.misophoniaeducation.com/teen-class

Young Adult Class: http://www.misophoniaeducation.com/young-adults-class

Clinicians Class: https://misophoniaeducation.com/product/beginners-introduction-to-misophonia-for-clinicians/

Teachers Class: https://misophoniaeducation.com/product/an-introduction-to-misophonia-for-teachers-and-educators/

Do you have testimonials I can read?

Yes, we have testimonials that you can read on the following link: https://misophoniaeducation.com/testimonials/

Here is one testimonial:

“Great workshop. I would recommend to anyone who suffers from Misophonia or is a loved one of someone who does. Dr. Brout did a great job explaining the science behind the mind and body’s misophonic reactions and offered a plethora of concrete actionable coping strategies for proactively preparing for possible trigger situations, responding in the middle of triggering situations, and getting back to “normal” after a trigger. It was also great being able to bounce questions and thoughts off Dr. Brout and other class participants.” – Kyle

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