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WebMD and Misophonia

by Shaylynn H.

Misophonia International is delighted to thank WebMD for listening to our concerns about inaccurate information on the misophonia page for WebMD. Since many new sufferers use Google Search and happen upon the WebMD page for misophonia, it was an important advocacy endeavour to ensure that the page on misophonia is current and factual. I would like to thank WebMD personally for listening to our concerns, and understanding the importance of accuracy in medicine. I would also like to thank WebMDs staff for their kindness while we discussed this page.

To misophonia sufferers — this is a huge win for us on the path to accurate information for our disorder. Misophonia International, since its start, has been passionate about accurate information and furthering an understanding of misophonia. For me, personally, seeing major sites like WebMD start to understand our concerns is an important step toward misophonia advocacy. We also remain ever focused on misophonia research, and will continue to push for recognition of the wonderful science being conducted for misophonia.


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