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WD-40 is a Misophonia Life Saver

by Shaylynn H.

For some reason I went the first 26 years of my life without knowing how amazing WD-40 is for misophonia. It’s also really cheap, which is a bonus. One of my main triggers is squeaky chairs. In a house of gamers (my boyfriend and I), there’s a lot of this. Also, our cupboards and doors sound like they’re auditioning for The Haunting of Hill House. Squeak. Squeak. Is that you, trigger ghost? Anyways, the discovery of WD-40 has been utterly life changing. Spray some of this goopy oil on anything squeaky and like magic it disappears. Hinges, chair mechanisms, and I’d imagine somebody would stop whistling if I sprayed them with it (do not try at home).

I am writing this so that anybody who suffers from squeaking around the house can realize there’s a cheap and easy fix. When the sound comes back, just spray again!

You can buy it on Amazon or pretty much every hardware store, Walmart, etc.

I honestly can’t believe I didn’t hear about this sooner, and I’m in awe at how many triggers this has helped with around the house. You can also use it to clean goop/grime and a lot of other cool ways.

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