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The Nintendo Switch Fails for Misophonia Accessibility

by Misophonia International

Nintendo Switch

Quietness 0.1
Games 6.0
Accessibility Options 0.5
Price 1.0


  • Good games.
  • Pokemon. Only pokemon.


  • Terrible system sounds that cannot be adjusted
  • Profile sound literally is a whistle.
  • Expensive
  • Limited UI

For the price of the Nintendo Switch (even the lite, which I am using)… you would expect more accessibility features. Primarily, you’d expect the far basic setting of turning off key clicks whenever you move on the screen. Yet, Nintendo is completely oblivious to this feature, and instead would rather harass the ears of people with misophonia. To make matters worse, another completely unchangeable sound, the profile page, makes a “whistle” and “hoot” sound whenever it is entered. To the people at Nintendo designing this system: why? why do you think that this is okay? To make matters worse– for those with visual triggers, buttons on screen flip around and move when clicked. At this point I’m pretty disappointed in the device, and if it weren’t a gift, I’d be even more salty.

The only way around this is to keep your device muted at all times (unless you turn it up just for games). This is frankly disappointing, especially when Nintendo’s website boasts responsibility and accessibility.

I encourage every misophone who uses nintendo products to message their customer support or reach out on social media, as accessibility in gaming is an important issue.

Nintendo contact page: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/

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