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The Grinch has Misophonia!

by Tanya Curtis
It’s that time of year once again. All that hustle and bustle around us that sends us misophonics into full-on battle mode. 
I have come to relate to none other than, the Grinch himself. A few years back when I learned about Misophonia, I knew that’s what I’ve been suffering with all my life. While watching this classic Christmas movie, I noticed the Grinch reacted to the repetitive noise and busyness of the season, much the same way as I did. Dr. Suess didn’t know it, but he nailed it! I’m convinced the Grinch has Misophonia!

The one thing he hates, is all that noise, noise, noise, NOISE! His response is that of disgust towards the people making all this noise. And then he decides to retaliate out of anger and rage, stealing all the objects that make noise and the busy trees and lights, to stop these people from making the noise once and for all!
Then, sweet little Cindy Lou comes into the scene, and acts much like a therapist would, wanting to help the Grinch overcome these intense feelings and emotions he’s having and he is successfully rehabilitated. Now, if only we could be cured like the Grinch, and were able to mix and mingle amongst the masses, without being triggered; Oh how nice that would be. 
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