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The Common Cold is Deadly With Misophonia

by Misophonia International
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My husband and I both have colds. I’ve been sicker than he is, and yet, I’ve been suffering much more. The difference between of us of course is that I have misophonia, and he’s fairly oblivious to every sound that he makes. I’ve been spending this cold hiding in my white noise, only scurrying near him when absolutely necessary. I imagine he’s lonely, and I did take some time to play Pokémon with him, and even that was too long in the noise. I must say, having a cold (or anything really wrong) makes the misophonia a far bit sharper. I’m tired, and I’m suffering through the misophonia. Sniffles are abundant. I’m grateful, however, because I know that colds don’t last forever and my husband is a kind man who understands the torment and is fine with me burying myself away. There’s no cure for a cold other than drinking water, sleeping, and ensuring that you hide away and don’t accidentally lunge a TV remote at somebody. I would never do this. I promise. Mostly.

For all my fellow misophones with sick family members, this is mostly a reminder that I’m here with you. We can suffer through this together. Drink lots of fluids, and give your family LOTS of space (so much space you can’t hear them). Also, if you’re not a ray of sunshine who can’t fake it right now, that’s okay too. That’s why we have earplugs, white noise, and places to hide away in…

Get Well Soon!

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