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The “Boyfriend Blanket” Weighted Blanket

by Shaylynn H.

Boyfriend Blanket

Price 9.0
Comfort 9.9
Durability 10.0
Design 10.0
Weight 9.0


  • Great Look
  • Fairly Priced
  • Good Weight


  • Denim Might Trigger Tactile Senses
  • Warm For Summer

As a harsh critic of products, I tried really hard to come up with negatives of the Boyfriend Blanket. So far I’ve been testing this blanket for about a week. I’m personally a big advocate for a sensory diet (a balanced diet of activities and tools that help sensory integration) for misophonia and over-responsivity. Pressure can be helpful for anxiety and sensory disorders, and therefore weighted blankets are often recommended as part of a sensory diet. This was actually my first time trying a weighted blanket, but I must say, I’m impressed.

While custom made blankets can be better for sensory disorders (to get the exact right weight), I do find that the Boyfriend Blanket was the right weight for me. If you intend to buy this blanket (or any other pre-built), you should be sure to purchase the right weight for your body! Also, persons with Sensory Processing Disorder (and triggers involving touch) might not like the “denim” on the outside. I personally found it quite soft, and I enjoy the blanket both ways. The bottom is very soft cotton and it’s quite nice in the bitter Canadian winter. The cover is removable, and I’ll probably switch it out for a duvet cover that’s less warm during the summer months. It also doesn’t hurt that the blanket is really nice to look at!

As somebody who struggles with severe anxiety on top of my misophonia, I find that the Boyfriend Blanket is a great way to calm myself during the night. The downside is that I quite-literally did not want to get out of bed afterwards. I’ve also been using it while studying in bed, and it’s been really comforting.

They also get bonus points for having really clever marketing – I love the reference to boyfriend jeans, and I definitely do think that the blanket feels like a hug!

Note: I received this blanket for free to try it. This in no way impacts my review. I was not paid to write the review, nor was I asked to write anything other than a fair and honest review.

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