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The Best Silent Gaming Mouse for Misophonia

by Misophonia International

Mojo Gaming Mouse

60 USD





Function as a mouse




Function as gaming mouse



  • Very quiet
  • Has 9 buttons
  • Works like other top-market mice
  • Wired
  • Good for esports or casual gaming


  • Bit pricey
  • Needs to be replaced now and then

There’s pretty much only one gaming mouse for misophonia on the market. I know this because I’ve seriously looked high and low, and only came up with one mouse that’s truly a combination of a gaming mouse and completely silent. My husband and I are both gamers, and while I am fine with a logitech mouse, he is not, so we were getting into it a little bit when it came to his loud and annoying mouse. Then, I finally discovered this mouse on amazon and there’s been no going back. I will say that like every mouse, they eventually take abuse and break (no different than any gaming mouse), and we’ve like this product enough to replace it. The company has also been delightful to deal with.

I highly recommend this mouse, as it’s really helped my husband and I to not be at each other’s throats over his gaming.

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