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TEZER X20 Wireless Earbuds

by Misophonia International

TEZER X20 Wireless Earbuds

Price 10.0
Comfort 8.5
Sound Quality 9.5
Design 10.0
Noise-Cancelling 9.0


  • Sound Great
  • Easy To Hide
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable For Regular Use
  • Easily Chargeable


  • Very Easy To Lose
  • Not Great For Sleeping

I recently decided that I don’t really like roaming around town with big noise-cancelling headphones covering my ears (plus during the winter it makes wearing a hat super hard, and your hair… forget about it being nice). So, I decided to try a pair of wireless earbuds that I picked up on Amazon. Aside from a mild heart-attack when I thought I lost them (funny story… they fell out of my scarf the next day), I quite like these so far!

I wouldn’t suggest buying these if you want to sleep with earbuds in (if you do, you can try this wireless bluetooth facemask/earphones). I have tried them a few times to block out snoring and while they ARE successful, they really hurt my ears. However, this might be because I sleep on my side.

As a bonus, these earbuds are way louder than any pair I’ve ever tried and they block out noise decently. They say they are noise cancelling and I have yet to hear sounds through them (except a bit of snoring when I was on my side but I think they were popping out due to the angle). They fit in my ear comfortably for the most part and did not fall out.

They come with a nice carrying case that doubles as a charger, and I find that the case and earbuds do hold a charge well. I also liked how they automatically connected to my iPhone Bluetooth when taking them out of the charger and disconnected when putting it back in. The drawback is that if you don’t put them immediately in the case you might lost them very easily… like in a scarf.

Since they’re small and white they’re easy to hide and go about your day. I have long hair so I can just cover them and not look like I am completely trying to avoid the world. The sound quality is also surprising for an affordable earbud. They were easy to connect and actually snap into the case magnetically.

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