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Difficulties With Misophonia In Relationships

At what point does Misophonia take over everything that you love. Dealing with Misophonia can be the hardest thing that some people have had deal with, including myself. I have lost friends, excluded myself from social events, lost career paths but most importantly, I may have lost my soulmate. Misophonia has taken three years of…
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How Do I Get My Misophonia Teen to Socialize?

One of the more pernicious side-effects of misophonia, particularly when one is lacking the proper coping skills, is isolation. When it seems as if trigger sounds may pop up anywhere one goes, and lead to internal mayhem one does not know how to deal with, the easiest solution often seems to be staying home, avoiding…
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Respect, Compassion, and Misophonia

When the conversation turns to relationships, I often run into some recurrent themes. Sometimes, people complain about the lack of empathy and respect they receive from others. Other people wonder if they will find someone who can tolerate their misophonia. Some spouses/partners/family members are antagonistic or even abusive in their mocking and intentional goading. This…
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Woman kissing another woman on the forehead

To the People I Love…

I realize that you have noticed odd behavior in me, and are worried. I know, that you know, that something is wrong. You love me, and want the best for me. You see that I am unhealthy, an underachiever, and reclusive. No, I am not on drugs, except my prescriptions. Yes, my mom mentioned to me that several of you…
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A fearful woman having claustrophobia in a cardboard box

Don’t be Afraid

  Another writer for Misophonia International E-Magazine, Sharon graduated yesterday. She messaged the rest of the staff and crew, with concern about the actual ceremony. Not only was she triggered by one of the speakers, but there would be large congregation of people, which guarantees triggers, and automatic anxiety, for Misophones, in general. This magazine has…
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Should Misophonia Limit your dating choices?

Relationships are one of the most complicated and prominent features of our lives.  I have had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time living with a spouse, as well as experiencing the world as a single person.  Having Misophonia, the entirety of these years have been clouded with uncertainties.  The typical thoughts one…
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Help us Grow Our Non Profit


As we start our journey toward becoming an officially registered nonprofit, we are asking members of the misophonia community to help us realize this dream. Through your financial support we can pay for essential start up costs such as government filings, administrative software, and other technical necessities. We welcome and appreciate all support!

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