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Why Do People Support False Hope More Than Medical Evidence For Misophonia?

2017 is the year of Fake News, false hope, and the year where the divide between miracle and science has been raised so high, so wide, that a clear chasm has formed. – so why would 2018 be any different? Science has been pushed to the side, deemed elitism. Real doctors, I am told, are…
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Should I Try Experimental Misophonia Treatment?

Often I am emailed, messaged, and generally bombarded with messages that ask: “Should I try experimental misophonia treatment?”. People are willing to fork up thousands of dollars for these treatments, and sometimes more for plane tickets across countries, and even across oceans. I by no means want to insult these people – it’s their money,…
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Help us Grow Our Non Profit


As we start our journey toward becoming an officially registered nonprofit, we are asking members of the misophonia community to help us realize this dream. Through your financial support we can pay for essential start up costs such as government filings, administrative software, and other technical necessities. We welcome and appreciate all support!

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