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SUBMISSIONS WANTED: Misophonia Documentary

by Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond
Black Camera Recorder

Through S. Raymond Media and Counselling Inc. and The International Misophonia Foundation, Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond is currently directing and producing a documentary on misophonia called, “Misophonia Matters”. This is an advocacy-based project with the goal of raising awareness on misophonia and showing the very real impact this disorder has on sufferers of the condition.

Those who submit accepted videos will receive free access to our premiere of the documentary (date TBD).

Types of videos we are accepting:

  • Videos should be well-lit and have good sound quality
  • We are not accepting web-cam videos
  • Please record the video in 1080p or 4k via a real camera
  • Sound quality should be within an acceptable range and codec (128 kbps / 44 kHz)

Topics of videos:

  • How misophonia affects you personally (suffers only)
  • How misophonia affects your family (family or sufferers)
  • Misophonia from a clinical perspective (professionals only)
  • Misophonia from a research perspective (professionals only)

Please do not include trigger-sounds in your video as this is meant to be watched by persons both with and without misophonia. Please submit via a link to dropbox/google drive, or any other file sharing service that is lossless. You may also use a private/unlisted Youtube link.

Submit here:

Documentary Submissions

Submissions for our documentary, "Misophonia Matters"



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