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Social Media Advocacy #MisophoniaMatters

by Misophonia International

Social Media

You may think that social media’s best attributes are sharing game invites to friends, and connecting with your long-lost childhood friend. That may be true, but it also has a plethora of resources for raising awareness. The ability to post, like, and share has allowed many organizations to get their messages across. The more people that hear about Misophonia, the greater chance that doctors and researchers will learn about it.

Social media is an amazingly powerful platform. Anybody, anywhere, at any time, can connect and share a vision and an idea. It is easy to spread awareness and content with people whom you may never have met without social media. Through Twitter, Google +, and Facebook you can reach a wider audience and ensure that the message of Misophonia gets out there.

Share your story using the hashtags below. You can tag us on our social media accounts and we’ll repost/reblog/regram/retweet.

#MisophoniaMatters and #Misophonia

Misophonia needs awareness. We also need research. In order to get there it will take the voice of each and every one of us. Even through your social media accounts. In today’s age we can make a difference by sharing, liking, posting and reblogging. Together we can take back our disorder and change the conversation from memes and laughter to a positive campaign.

Find more ideas at www.misophoniamatters.com


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