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6 Misophonia Tips For Traveling

by Misophonia International

You probably know how it is, when you sit in the train or car and suddenly you can’t find your earphones in your bag and you remember you forgot them charging at home. Everything starts to tingle in your body, you start to focus on the people in your surrounding. You just wanna reach to the destination or just step out.

So first of all I am conscious that everything becomes worse, when I am hungry, sleepy, stressed or thirsty. When my brain is tired, I will be more open for experiencing any trigger more severe. My brain turns its alarm system on. That is the cue process in my brain, so that I start to be in a fight or flight mode and I need some strategies to get over it:

So now my coping methods:

  1. listening to interesting podcasts, which are taking my awareness to understand the subject

  2. writing for the website, so I am focusing on other stuff rather than on my surrounding

  3. listening to relaxing music while reading a book

  4. focusing on my respiratory system: using the diaphragm = reducing the heart rate while breathing deeply

  5. having enough to eat and drink

  6. eating slow and focusing on digesting

I figured out that since I am more into this subject I am suffering a little bit more because I do analyze my surrounding and I talk to friends and try to explain to them the problems I have with them or others. But on the other side I figured out that I can cope much better and deal with myself and my family. I am able to sit with my main trigger (my dad eating) at the table and enjoy the meals most of the times with my family. I also know that everyone needs different methods, so try out anything you could probably imagine and you will find your coping methods to help yourself.

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