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Seeking Editors and Peer Reviewers for Academic Journal

by Misophonia International
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The International Misophonia Foundation is in the process of founding an academic journal for misophonia research. The largest part of this process is creating a fully-functional, open-source, peer review website and journal for academic papers. In order to succeed in this mission we will need Editors (academic), Peer reviewers (misophonia researchers), and Copy editors (grammar, style, spelling). If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please use the following form to reply. Please understand that peer reviewers and academic editors MUST have a background in clinical counseling, academic research, or otherwise be engaged in the process of misophonia research. We will be accepting applicants from Master’s level and higher. PhD/PsyD students and MDs will also be accepted in these roles. For general copyediting, we do not require degrees, but a sample proofreading test may be sent.

Please note, these are volunteer positions. However, we will be willing to report volunteer hours to Universities or Job Referrals.

Please go here if you would like to apply: https://www.misophoniafoundation.com/seeking-editors-and-peer-reviewers-for-academic-journal/

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