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Regulate, Reason, Reassure Coping Skills

by Misophonia International

The Regulate, Reason, Reassure manuals by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout are something I believe in to my very core. Dr. Brout has taken a sensory regulation approach and cognitive therapy, and psychoeducation, and married them together in a way that is both holistic and effective. I know this because I use the approaches from the Adult’s Guide to Misophonia on a daily basis. RRR has made it so that I feel more comfortable going to restaurants, seeing family, and enjoying my life knowing that even if I am triggered, I can get through it.

I know this might sound “too good to be true”, and I assure you, RRR is not a treatment, or a fundamental life-shift or anything like that. What RRR is, is a toolset to help parents, clinicians, and adults understand and manage misophonia from a sensory-regulation perspective.

I firmly believe that the worksheets and psychoeducation aspect of RRR are empowering, and provided me with the tools to go from a person who was practically nocturnal, hiding from triggers, to a married woman who can enjoy the world around her. This, of course, is just my perspective. However, after working alongside Dr. Brout for many years, as well as watching the coping skills classes based on RRR, I can tell you that I truly believe that RRR is a valuable wealth of knowledge, and I wholeheartedly think that any clinician, researcher, parent of a kid with misophonia, or misophonia sufferer, should be reading this book. Dr. Brout herself has misophonia, as does her now adult child, and this shows through every bit of the book. This is a deep understanding of misophonia that could only be presented by somebody who both has the disorder, and has rigorously researched and advocated for misophonia for two decades.

You can buy the RRR manuals on Amazon.

Parent’s Guide
Adult’s Guide
Clinician’s Guide

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