Watch Quiet Please & Help Fund Research

Quiet Please Virtual Screening

Have you watched Quiet Please  yet? Misophonia International and Action Media Productions (Jeffrey Gould) will be having a special virtual viewing of “Quiet Please…” to raise money for an upcoming misophonia research study. By attending this event you will not only be watching Quiet Please…, you will also be helping to support the researchers working vehemently to find answers we desperately seek.

Cost: $10 Per ticket
June 2nd
7:00 PM EST

Proceeds will go to a joint study with the Sensation and Emotion Program at Duke University, Sukhbinder Kumar of Newcastle University, Dr Jennifer Jo Brout of the IMRN and Mercede Erfanian of the IMRN.

Reminders to join will be emailed periodically to ensure you do not forget about your attendance. A link will be emailed on the day of the event, and social media reminders will be posted. 

Filmmaker Jeffrey Gould explains his intentions for the film:

“Quiet Please… is a documentary that explores the emotional and psychological ramifications of a neurologically based disorder called misophonia. I was drawn to the subject, not only because I have suffered with the condition for almost 50 years, but because I saw how I was able to effect change, by raising awareness and educating the people around me.

I plan to show what goes on behind the closed doors of a Misophonia home; the tensions and the conflicts, as well as the compromises and successes.  I want to hear stories firsthand; not only from the sufferers, but the people closest to them as well.

Even though this is an emotionally based film, we will also feature experts in the fields of Neurology, Psychology, Audiology, as well as other clinicians discussing their experiences with patients, possible coping options, and the current state of misophonia research.”


  • A live chat during the movie to discuss the film with other viewers
  • A link to watch “Quiet Please…” during the viewing.

Please use a paypal account with a valid email address so that we can email you with updates and the link when the event starts.

Donations will be accepted via Action Media Productions and then transferred to the misophonia research study upon completion of the campaign.


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