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Misophonia International 2016 Bundle


The year subscription of Misophonia International. Includes Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
As well, a complimentary copy of our first issue has been included for download.

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E-Versions ONLY.

Misophonia International magazine was developed by two sufferers of Misophonia that have been trying to advocate for: research, awareness, and coping with Misophonia. Jennifer Jo Kanter-Brout (PsyD) has been advocating for misophonia for the better part of two decades, under the name of SPD-SOR. Shaylynn Hayes, Editor-In-Chief, is a designer and student out of Canada, that works toward advocacy. She is the author of Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia. Misophonia International works in partnership with the IMRN. The IMRN is a network of Misophonia suffers and families working together with doctors to support science that will lead to treatment and better practice standards. Dr. Jennifer Jo Kanter-Brout established IMRN in affiliation with the SENetwork (Sensation and Emotion Network) in order to lead the way toward a new paradigm of research that bypasses lack of governmental funding. IMRN paves the way toward better relationships between Misophonia sufferers, and those who research and treat them. IMRN provides Quality Control through Education and Advocacy. We stand behind research we believe in and stand against that which we do not. Through our network we provide accurate information so that you can make informed decisions about research, treatment and therapeutic products.


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