Product Review: Sleep Pretty In Pink Earplugs

71vS4J8yoIL._SX522_I’m always searching for the “right” earplugs. This post is aimed at women, since our ears tend to be smaller. I can’t really tell you what a good fit for men’s ears are. But, these ear plugs could be used for women or children.

These earplugs are soft, durable and light-weight. Also, they’re a pretty pink colour. However, once dirty, these earplugs are basically disposable once they have been used to the point of dirt. I’ve never had them get too dirty, since they tend to get lost before that ever happens. While they fit ok in my ears, like several earplugs of this material, they would often fall out and I have lost many just from sleep.

They are durable and cheap, so aren’t a huge investment in terms of cost. [This product is sold on Amazon:   Sleep Pretty in Pink Women’s Ear Plugs, 7 Pair ]

As for noise cancellation, they aren’t terrible, but you would have to shove them into your ear canal for 90% noise reduction, which is VERY unsafe and should NOT be done. However, if you’re looking for an option where you can still hear talking (such as classroom) these will block out distracting noises while you can listen and pay attention. If you want something inconspicuous, this bright pink colour is not for you. But, they’re small, and come with a carrying case, so they can easily (and safely, no germs) be carried around for emergencies!

Retail Value $4.72


Sleep Pretty In Pink Earplugs

Sleep Pretty In Pink Earplugs

Noise Cancellation











            • Portable
            • Pretty
            • Good Price
            • Convenient Case


            • Very Visible
            • Disposable
            • Easily fall out
            • Only block some noises

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