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A note from Dr. Brout on the Misophonia Criminal Minds Episode

by Misophonia International

Criminal Minds Episode referencing Misophonia: They got their info from the Slate article. We can’t blame the show writers. We should blame the faulty research and some, but not all, of the people who were interviewed for that article. I have been arguing with certain researchers about this not being a psychiatric disorder for years. I have been trying to tell everyone in the community that we cannot send out Memes all over the place about wanting to kill people. We know we don’t mean it. However, what do you think other people think? I knew this was going to happen. We should blame anyone and everyone who has tastelessly and naïvely said things about this disorder that aren’t true.

We should blame the people who have co-opted the Internet so that hardly any of the right information gets through.We should blame every practitioner that refers to this as an anger disorder. I truly believe that the work that some of us in the community have done has changed the picture a lot. Certainly we’ve really tried. It’s a shame the criminal minds writers didn’t use a different article, one that was well written. However, we, the community are the people who gave that slate article the number of views that it got. So when you Google Misophonia you get nonsense. If the community really wants to fix this problem, it can be fixed. However if nobody cares to fix what is intrinsically wrong with how this disorder is presenting on the Internet than petitioning an entertainment outlet is useless. For anyone who is interested in wanting to change the face of this disorder even further, and I say further because five years ago it was sound rage and now it’s known that it is related to related to fight flight and is neurologically based.

Without pointing fingers, I’m going to point two fingers, the UK site has a test for Misophonia. It’s the level test as you all know. The test directly equates level 10, I believe, with performing violent acts. I asked whomever runs that site years ago to get that test off. However, he chose not to do so. Even worse, that test is being used by psychologists and audiologists.

If we as a community want to take hold of this disorder, we can. We have researchers, really great ones, ready to go. We need to change the face of this disorder because it is been corrupted by corrupt people, and by some well-meaning people who unfortunately don’t know what they don’t know.We should blame webMD, MedicineNet and all of the “medical“ outlets for writing Information based on, nonsense. We should be calling them. Every good researcher that we have will back us up. It is we who have not done what we need to do. As I have always said there is no “they” out there. They are us. Excuse my rant. I will be writing something that is not is not a rant for my psychology today blog. I hope you will all help getting it around. I’m hoping to interview a writer. We shall see.

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