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Natural Misophonia Remedies

by Misophonia International

While there is no treatment of misophonia, persons with the disorder may wish to use natural misophonia remedies to help deal with day to day stress and to help cope with the disorder. While there is no blanket cure, the sensory system is complex, and could benefit from life changes. Even if your sensory system or misophonia cannot be helped initially by these actions, having an overall improved state of health can help persons to have a decreased threat drive, and respond to triggers with less intensity.

“While there is no treatment of misophonia, persons with the disorder may wish to use natural misophonia remedies to help deal with day to day stress and to help cope with the disorder.”

Of course, this will not be the same for any one, but the following methods could be beneficial.

Healthy eating

I personally eat organic and non GMO foods. While science does natural misophonia remedies and coping techniques not entirely discredit GMOs I personally believe that since our sensory diets are so taxed, it is important to have a nutritious diet that is free from outside chemicals. From personal experience any food that has been processed or has chemical components will make my triggers worse. Perhaps this can be attributed to the nutritional loss that the foods have taken and the over-all decrease in health. In the future, a sensory study focused on nutrition could be beneficial to answer specific questions about diet and brain behaviour.

Sensory Diet

A sensory diet is a mix of calming, organizing and energizing activities that are developed by Occupational Therapists to help with sensory disorders. These may be helpful for regulation of misophonia and auditory over-responsivity.
Sample Sensory Diet for Adults and Teens

Drink Waternatural misophonia remedies and coping tips

If your body is not well-equip to handle basic functioning it serves that it will be unable to better handle threats. The brain cannot function without water. It is essential that persons should be drinking enough water to help through the day. Most persons should drink roughly half of their weight in lbs in fluid oz.

Avoid Chemicals

Since switching to beauty products that have no chemicals I have felt better. “Scent” allergies and other allergies may be caused from the body overloading to olfactory (scent) triggers. As well, many of these chemicals can be harmful to general health. Aluminium, parabens, and other harmful products can be found in many conventional household items. While organic and chemical-free may sound scary at first, sites like Wellness Mama can be helpful when it comes to finding cheap, homemade solutions. There is also a growing market for these products, and as this happens, products become cheaper.


Swimming is a great activity for sensory regulation. It is helpful both to relax and it provides proprioceptive pressure that has been known to help regulate the sensory system.

Walking In Nature or Outside

Getting away from the noises may seem like a “Duh” answer but it is more than just escaping the noises. Sensory information is accumulative and it is important to ensure that your system is periodically “reset”. If you are at work, perhaps taking a walk outside on your lunch break.

Find Some Alone Time

Since sensory information is accumulative it is important to reset your system even if you cannot go outside. Even if you have to take a few minutes to yourself in the restroom this can be beneficial for bringing your system back to a calm state and may make it easier to go back into the situation and handle the triggers. This may not work for every one, but it can be helpful for activities that you cannot skip.

Do you have natural misophonia remedies or techniques that help you cope? Please leave a comment below, and we’ll update the page with ideas!

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