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My Visual Triggers

by Misophonia International

A large proponent of my suffering with misophonia isn’t about sound at all. Now, there has been a proposed term “misokinesia”, but around here, we don’t like to use it. So far, scientifically speaking, there seems to be little reason to completely and definitively separate the two. Right now, I’ll just consider them both to be sensory overload, or sensory over responsivity.

My visual triggers are just as hard to handle as my audial triggers. Sometimes they are worse. I find it nearly impossible to escape a sight in the room. Even when I close my eyes, and even hours or days later, the memory is still there. I want to cry as I think of these triggers. Legs shaking, people swaying, fingers and toes tapping. Even improper grammar have been known to become triggers. Double spacing after periods is so intensely anguished, that I’ve had to block people from communication.

I’ve had people tell me, that have misophonia, “You can’t have visual triggers, or be triggered by grammar”. This has been frustrating. As I fight tooth and nail for advocacy, to be told by my own community that I am “wrong”.

Having severe visual and audial triggers has made life more challenging. The grammar and typing, and light effect triggers are so severe that I find it nearly impossible to surf the web, play video games with the use of overwatch boosting online and experience.

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