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My Misophonia-Friendly Wedding

by Misophonia International

COVID-19 kind of sucks, but one great part about it is that nobody is currently expecting a big event. My now husband and I took advantage of this fact and had a very small wedding ceremony. I’ve always been haunted by the idea of a big wedding with everybody shaking their legs or making noises. I don’t even like going to weddings!

My entire wedding cost under $3,000. Dress included. So, if you’re looking for another excuse to have an exclusive affair, let cost be one of them. For the wedding we had 8 people including the officiant and photographer. It took place in a gorgeous little art-gallery in the heart of downtown- in one of my favourite cities.

I’m going to list all the reasons why my wedding was Misophonia-friendly, and maybe you can take some ideas. I just want to say that you should NEVER feel guilted into a big ceremony or an uncomfortable event because others want it. Your friends, family, and other loved ones should know you well enough to understand your (or your partner’s) needs, and simply be happy for you!

How my wedding was misophonia-friendly

  • We had a small venue with only 8 people
  • There was the ability to play music over loud speakers, which we left on during photographs which eased tension (and drowned noise)
  • I turned my back so I wouldn’t see potential triggers
  • All guests at the wedding knew about my misophonia and respected my condition
  • We filmed the wedding so that people could watch it online and still feel apart of it
  • I saved pieces of cake for people who were unable to attend
  • We had the “reception” in my living-room/diningroom (my husband helped decorate, it was so awesome)
  • If people wanted to send gifts we had an online Amazon registry

I hope your own wedding can be misophonia-friendly!

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