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Misophonia Pronunciation

by Misophonia International
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How is Misophonia pronounced? As a writer, and a once-upon-a-time English student, I’m always looking at words and trying to decipher them. Sometimes the grammar gets lost in my head because I’m so busy looking at each and every word.

So, what does Misophonia mean?

We know that the word “miso” means hate and the word “phonia” means sounds. 


Some people around the community have been calling it “mee-so-phonia” or “m-eye-sophonia”. I can see why people would jump to this conclusion, after-all, Miso soup is a delicacy in many parts of the world, but, we’re not soup. I could wager that we’re not hatred either, but this isn’t about what we are, it’s about how to pronounce the word.

Dictionary.com defines miso (of greek origin) as “indicating hatred”, but more importantly, it shows another word that starts with the same prefix. Like misogynist, misophonia starts with the greek word “miso”.


So, what is the proper Misophonia pronunciation?

With that in mind, I pronounce it relatively the same, as “miss-o-phonia”. So, unlike the japanese word (miso) pronounced “meeso”, “miso” is generally pronounced more like misogyny.



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