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Misophonia Matters May – Share #MisophoniaMattersMay

by Shaylynn H.

April showers bring May flowers… and what’s a more perfect time to bloom advocacy and awareness than spring? The Month of May will be “Misophonia Matters May”. We will do our best to provide you with resources to help your own misophonia advocacy! Let’s empower as many misophones (and their families) as we can!

Free Resources

Download Here: Guides – Misophonia Education

Coping Books by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout

Misophonia Classes

Class for Parents: PARENTS (misophoniaeducation.com) Class for Adults: ADULTS (misophoniaeducation.com) Class for Teachers: An Introduction to Misophonia for Teachers and Educators – Misophonia Education Class for Clinicians: An Introduction to Misophonia for Clinicians – Misophonia Education

Social Media

TikTok: @MisophoniaEducation

Instagram: @misophoniainternational

Twitter: @MisophoniaEd

Facebook: @MisophoniaEducation

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Want to learn more? Join a Workshop with Dr. Jennifer Brout or Duke CMER at Misophonia Education.
Misophonia coping skills classes with Dr. Brout | Classes for parents, adults/teens with misophonia, teachers, and clinicians.
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