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Misophonia Matters 2 Month Therapy Program (Canada-Only, Virtual)

by Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond
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This package includes 8 therapy sessions with Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond, the author of Misophonia Matters and the creator of the Misophonia Matters course. Shaylynn is also the director of the International Misophonia Foundation and holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, and is licensed in New Brunswick, Canada as an LCT-C. This package was created to be a more affordable alternative to on-going therapy sessions and is a structured program. This is pre-pay only. Individual session receipts can be generated if required for insurance reasons. This package is limited to space and availability. These sessions are designed to last 2 months with 1 appointment per week on the same day/time each week.


Cost $1000 CAD for 8 sessions (normally $175/session, this is a discounted rate of $125 per session). Taxes and fees not included. If you need to reschedule one of the sessions please do so 48 hours before-hand.

What the Therapy Program entails

  • Session 1: Initial appointment. Psychoeducation mixed with learning about the client.
  • Session 2: Misophonia assessment followed by debriefing and seeing the client’s perspective on the assessment.
  • Session 3: More psychoeducation/skills building with cognitive and sensory-based strategies. Work together on an advocacy plan and a written letter of support if accommodations are necessary.
  • Session 4, 5, 6, & 7: More focus on coping skills, building strategies, and the sensory diet.
  • Session 8: Misophonia assessment and debriefing on the therapy process.

For those who would rather a cost-effective and shorter version (or who are outside of Canada), the on-demand Misophonia Matters class is available here: https://misophoniafoundation.com/shop/misophonia-matters-class-on-demand/

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