Misophonia International is Officially Joining the International Misophonia Foundation!

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Misophonia International is Officially Joining the International Misophonia Foundation!

Misophonia International is proud to join the upcoming nonprofit The International Misophonia Foundation. As of September 1st, 2023, Misophonia International will now be operating as an extension of the IMF. We are excited to be on this journey for a better understanding of Misophonia for the public and research/clinical community.

The International Misophonia foundation is dedicated to improving research, access to resources and awareness of Misophonia, newly recognized neurophysiological disorder that impacts quality of life of sufferers.

The purposes of this non-profit are as follows:

  • To provide funding end help initiate research for misophonia
  • To engage in public advocacy campaigns and promote awareness for misophonia, and teach the public, clinicians, and sufferers, about the disorder
  • To provide resources for clinicians, researchers, and the public on misophonia
  • To facilitate research for misophonia through the development of a research journal
  • To facilitate research for misophonia by conducting original research

If you would like to help the International Misophonia Foundation in our beginning stages, we are offering a lifetime membership for $250—which includes discounts on all future conferences, workshops, books, and products. In the future, memberships will be between $50 to $100 per year.

You can register here: https://www.misophoniafoundation.com/product/founding-donor-membership/

Misophonia International is now part of The International Misophonia Foundation. On our journey to becoming a nonprofit, we need help from members of the community to realize our goals (funding research, facilitating research, helping sufferers, and providing info to clinicians, researchers and sufferers). If you are interested in helping us grow, you can receive lifetime membership benefits here, or make a choose-your-price donation here.

Choose your amount and help our misophonia research and advocacy goals. We can't do this without you! Click below to donate.

Help us Grow Our Non Profit


As we start our journey toward becoming an officially registered nonprofit, we are asking members of the misophonia community to help us realize this dream. Through your financial support we can pay for essential start up costs such as government filings, administrative software, and other technical necessities. We welcome and appreciate all support!

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