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Mela Comfort Weighted Blanket

by Misophonia International

Mela Weighted Blanket

Price 8.8
Comfort 10.0
Durability 10.0
Design 9.0
Weight 10.0


  • Effective
  • Stylish
  • Well Built


  • Heavy For Making The Bed
  • Cover Takes Time To Remove For Washing

I’ve suffered poor sleep throughout my entire life and as a result I have tried enough sleep aids and remedies that I’ve become skeptical when a product claims to offer sleep benefits, but after hearing positive feedback from several trusted friends and colleagues about their experiences with weighted blankets I figured I’d give it a shot. This blanket shattered my expectations across the board.

Initially I was very impressed by the quality of the packaging, and although I was expecting there to be a certain weight to the product I was not quite prepared for the heft of the box as it was handed off to me by the shipper. It was immediately apparent that this blanket was substantial. The packaging itself was a nice touch, it’s very modern with a pleasing aesthetic and my initial thought on unboxing is that it would make a nice presentation for a gift. There’s a little bit of a procedure for attaching the weighted portion of this blanket to the cover, but the documentation is pretty clear and the process doesn’t take too long.

Once put together this blanket is extremely nice. The cover is soft and feels luxurious, and right off the bat I couldn’t help but to bury my face in it. Lots of reviews on this product liken the experience of using it to that of being hugged and I’d have to say that really accurately matches my experience. The pressure is calming and soothing. Initially I was concerned that the weight of a blanket like this wouldn’t be substantial enough to make a noticeable difference but it was actually just the right amount.

I was so excited to try the blanket out that I decided on an afternoon nap. What was supposed to be a quick nap became an actually very satisfying couple hours of sleep which has been my experience for the entire time I’ve used this blanket. Previously I was more or less guaranteed to be up two or more times a night, but every night I have used this blanket I have slept clear through the night.

It’s not easy to find things that I am critical of with this blanket, it really is outstanding. The cover takes time to remove, which is to be expected with something this thoughtfully made. It is a minor inconvenience at worst. Also because weighted blankets are intrinsically heavy this can become a little awkward to handle while making the bed, again it’s not a point that should detract in any way from what I feel is overall an amazing product that has helped tremendously with my anxiety and insomnia. Being well rested has also definitely elevated my mood and this comes with my full recommendation.


Note: I received this blanket for free to try it. This in no way impacts my review. I was not paid to write the review, nor was I asked to write anything other than a fair and honest review.


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