5 Tips for Coping With Misophonia

In this video, I’m going to share 5 Tips for Coping with Misophonia.

I apologize for the sound quality of some of these videos. While my condenser microphone and tripod (both at once, yes) continue to be jerks… we’re going to have a bit of a rocky ride. I hope to have something a little more formal set up within the next few months.

Misophonia can be hard to cope with. We all know that. But, how do I cope? This video summarizes how I cope with Misophonia. I didn’t mention everything, but I’ve found these steps to be very helpful.

  1. Earplugs paired with music5 tips for coping with misophonia
  2. Adjusting my position in a room to ensure I am not triggered (or where Is it on a bus)
  3.  Prepare in advance for intimate experiences that will have triggers (such as family dinners) You should explain to family/friends the disorder (but don’t do so when triggered)
  4.  Manage stress (unwind, watch movies, take baths)
  5.  Leave the situation if you can

I fully understand that not every one can react to situations in the same way. I encourage you to stand up for your health and find out what helps you. Once you’ve discovered this, you should advocate for your self and try to find the best balance you can. In order to deal with this disorder, we’ve got to have our own backs.
To find the latest news on misophonia treatment and coping, you can go to this page. It will change whenever possible, to reflect current news on coping. For now, I encourage you to try a “Sensory Diet”. (Click the link for the free PDF download) Developed by Occupational Therapists for Sensory Over-responsive persons, this “diet” is actually a well-balanced list of activities and tips and tricks for maintaining sensory equilibrium.

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Shaylynn H.
Shaylynn Hayes is a 22 year old writer, graphic/webdesigner, and
student in Political Science. Alongside Dr. Jennifer Brout, Shaylynn runs the News site and Magazine, Misophonia International. The site focuses on Research, Coping, and Awareness for the disorder. Shaylynn has also been actively involved in the web management and development of Dr. Brout’s research page, Misophonia-Research.com. What used to be a life-ruining disorder has become an interesting and defining adventure that has proven that the things that are “ruining our life” may very well be creating a new, interesting life in the place of the old. Shaylynn is the Editor-In-Chief of Misophonia International.