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Galaxy Projector 2.0 Review

by Misophonia International

Galaxy Projector 2.0






Product Quality/Build





  • Looks beautiful
  • Very high quality
  • Good construction
  • Good angles to put the light


  • A little pricey

Today I’m reviewing the Galaxy Projector 2.0 (thank you to the company for letting me test this). The brand sent out really nice welcoming emails upon “purchase”. It felt really welcoming and like the brand truly cares about the entire experience the customer has, not just about the product, which is also fantastic.

The app is simple to use, with useful settings like a schedule, or interesting scenes with pre-set light shows.

One thing to note is you’ll need to set your internet to 2.4ghz to get the lamp to pair, but there’s usually guides for your router if they’re not already set that way. That process took only a few seconds once I looked it up!

There are a lot of options for color and intensity. There is a setting where the blue laser lights rotate like real stars, but if you’re sensitive to movement (like me), you can turn it 100% off.

I had a cheaper type of lamp like this in the past. It was a little boring, but I liked the concept. However, the Galaxy Projector 2.0 is completely a game changer. It’s BEAUTIFUL, and so damn soothing. I’ve made a short video showing one of the light shows (I suggest listening with sound off, sorry for any muffled sounds, that was my fan).

Unlike cheaper imitations, the “galaxy” portion of the projector actually looks like a real galaxy.

For comparison, here’s a galaxy picture vs. the lamp. 

As somebody who LOVES astronomy, I feel like I’m living in a real-life version of the Hubble telescope images when looking at the projections of this lamp. Now, a real nerd would say, “but NASA makes these images more colorful, space isn’t actually so vibrant and purple”, and to that I say… whatever. Because, these lamps are so soothing and so beautiful that I’m willing to overlook reality and enjoy the pure magic of it.

The only real con I can think of about this lamp is that it’s a little pricey at a $100 to $200 Canadian range, but you’re certainly paying for quality. As I said, I had a cheaper style lamp in the past, and it was decidedly meh. It did not look like a real galaxy, nor did it dazzle and impress me… and I paid for that one. 😂 I’d also like to point out that unlike the cheap one, the way this is designed allows for it to be propped up (the cheap one I had to put on the floor to even look at it properly).

This lamp is perfect to use to calm down while listening to music or white noise. I’m really excited to continue using it.

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