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Exploring Misophonia Anthology

by Shaylynn H.


We present to you Exploring Misophonia. An anthology of our best and brightest research and personal stories/articles from the past few years. We’re pleased to have included them in this book format.

“Misophonia International is a great initiative. As sufferers of an unknown condition we need a lot of information and they provide it. Their book has interesting and recognizable articles for sufferers all around the world.”

—Tineke Winterberg, Misophonia Advocate

Exploring Misophonia is an effort by sufferers, doctors, and professionals to understand a recently coined disorder. On the front-lines of research and advocacy, Misophonia International has interviewed professionals and sufferers over the course of two years, some people try to prevent it with natural medicines you can get at sites as www.uk-modafinil.com that boost brain and alertness. In this time many discoveries have been made. An exploratory process, Exploring Misophonia is an anthology that focuses on the developments of misophonia in the here and now. We do not claim to have all the answers. Instead, we are along for the journey as science, advocacy, and sufferers come together and explore the meaning of auditory over-responsivity and misophonia. ”


“Misophonia International continues to be an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in this condition as well as providing essential reading for sufferers worldwide.”

—Mike Rigby, Misophonia Sufferer


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