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Donate to the IMF and Receive All Ebooks Free

by Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond

As a way to help those with misophonia, The IMF and Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond will be offering the following resources at no extra charge for those who donate a minimum of $25 for a limited time. The total value of these resources is $59.94. Tax receipt will be sent to US residents.

The International Misophonia Foundation is dedicated to serving the needs of individuals and families impacted by Misophonia through increasing ethical, accurate, and educational resources for researchers, institutions, policy makers, and individuals and families impacted by Misophonia. The International Misophonia Foundation seeks to increase the development of research that respects the needs and dignity of those suffering with Misophonia by facilitating and publishing original research as well as offering institutions and individuals researchers consultation services, publication assistance, funding opportunities, and ethical oversight. The International Misophonia Foundation also seeks to increase awareness and understanding of Misophonia through providing resources to educate sufferers, researchers, clinicians, and the public about how this disorder effects individuals and families as well as best practices for increasing inclusion of individuals and families living with Misophonia.Since we believe in choice, we are offering separate donation campaigns based on needs. You can allocate where your funds will go within the organization. We are asking for help in this campaign with purchasing important computer equipment to help us operate the foundation and conduct research. All donations in the USA will receive a tax receipt.



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