Connect To Other Sufferers

Misophonia International has launched two initiatives to help people get together. While they are just being created now (and will take time to fill-up and be used) we hope that in the future we can help sufferers engage with each other (and subsequently get connected to the supporters/professionals that they will eventually seek). Our site will include a social-media format to allow users to engage, as well as a chat room. The chat room is accessible via android, iOS, and many other platforms through standard IRC clients.

One benefit of this platform is profiles — you can fill out a portfolio that includes misophonia and its impact on your life. Provide your triggers, your story, and only link it to people that you believe will understand. Or, don’t share it at all and merely connect with other sufferers on the site. The choice is yours. You can also make friends, send messages, and engage in thoughtful discussions through forum-like behaviours. Our goal is to mix advocacy with community, and both of these have a heavy saturation of science and research.

suffering without silence misophonia

To access social features you must create an account. If you already have a store account you may be able to login with prior details. If you’d like to access these features but don’t know where to start you can find all options on the top bar of the website (seen below).


Shaylynn H.
Shaylynn Hayes is a 22 year old writer, graphic/webdesigner, and
student in Political Science. Alongside Dr. Jennifer Brout, Shaylynn runs the News site and Magazine, Misophonia International. The site focuses on Research, Coping, and Awareness for the disorder. Shaylynn has also been actively involved in the web management and development of Dr. Brout’s research page, What used to be a life-ruining disorder has become an interesting and defining adventure that has proven that the things that are “ruining our life” may very well be creating a new, interesting life in the place of the old. Shaylynn is the Editor-In-Chief of Misophonia International.