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Bose QuietComfort 35 II

by Misophonia International

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Varies ($200-$300 USD)



Noise Cancelation







  • Sounds Amazing
  • Great Noise Cancellation
  • Beautiful Design
  • Mostly Comfortable
  • Holds a Charge


  • Doesn't detect when off head
  • Alexa capabilities are meh
  • Not comfortable with glasses
  • Really freaking expensive

I’ve waited almost a year to review my Rose Gold QC 35 headphones. I paid around $400 Canadian for them and I’ve been using them almost every day for a year. I could end the review there, with that one line: I’ve been using them almost every day for a year.

The first time I walked alongside a lawnmower wearing these headphones (lawnmowers are a huge trigger for me): I heard absolutely nothing. With music and the active noise cancelling there are no discernable sounds while wearing the QC 35s. They’re relatively soft and comfortable and they hold a charge, too.

My one complaint (other than the price because oof) is that they can feel a little tight whilst wearing them with glasses. I find I get headaches if I have this combo too long. As a workaround, I’ve gotten contact lenses.

I have the rose gold ones and they are absolutely luxurious and beautiful. I will say they are starting to dent and ding a bit, but I’m not the most… uh… graceful owner? I’ll chalk that up to abuse. And, on that front, they still work despite my abuse. So, that’s a plus!

One thing I wish is that the music turned off/auto detected when off the head. For an expensive set this feels like an oversight. But it’s not a dealer breaker, more a mild disappointment. They charge fast and hold a battery so that’s a plus. They’re also Alexa/voice enabled but I do find that can be a bit finicky as it relies on the smartphone app.

Music sounds wonderful, so if you’re an audiophile don’t worry about giving up quality of sound for the ANC.  The fact that I paid $400 for a pair of headphones and that I’m saying I not only don’t regret it, but recommend them, is a bit surprising to me. In the past I’ve only used cheaper headphones like bluedio (still good on a budget!)

I love these headphones. Just not always with my glasses. 😂

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