Product Review: Bluedio H+ (Turbine) Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones


I purchased these headphones because Misophonia was getting hard to handle. I wanted something that wouldn’t have a wire to touch my skin, so wireless was preferred. I have a hard time remembering to charge the battery, though it is long lasting. I get a little anxious bringing only my wireless headphones, because I am always scared to be trapped in a trigger situation without. But, I combat this by throwing a small pair of ear-buds in my purse for use at all times.

On the iPhone 5S, the headphones work great. The headphones will speak to you and tell you “power on” or “power off”. As well, there are buttons directly on the headset that allow you to adjust volume, change the song, and other important features. I have not had problems integrating this with any device I have tested on.

Bluetooth compatibility seems to be a problem area. On the devices it works, it works smoothly. However, not all computers or devices may be bluetooth enabled. This is a serious problem if you want to use the headset on a work computer, or an older device.

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The music is clear and crisp. However, if you are sensitive to bass you may want to change the settings on your device to ensure that it is not over-powering. At half volume on my iPhone I am unable to hear any outside noises.

The headphones are very soft and comfortable. Synthetic leather covers the ears, and is on the headband. However, they are designed to fit “snug” and are tight when paired with eye-glasses or other headbands.

Though these headphones are portable, their bulkiness may be a problem for carrying in a small bag, or purse. I have found they take up a lot of room and I am less apt to bring them when I would have to put them away, unless I have a backpack.

Retail Value  ($99.99)
Often on sale for $24.99 to $40.00

Bluedio H+ (Turbine) Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones

Bluedio H+ (Turbine) Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones

Sound Quality




      Hardware Compatibility


        Noise Cancellation





            • Affordable
            • Comfortable
            • Portable
            • Modern Design
            • Interactive


            • Heavy
            • Need to be Charged
            • Bluetooth-Only Devices

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