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The Problem of Ego in Misophonia Research

Almost every researcher on the planet would like to stand up and say that they care more about research than they do about their own ego and their own perspective of their research. I would argue that every single one of them, even the most noble, and most ethical among them, are wrong. Ego is…
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Upcoming Misophonia Non Profit Looking for IRB Members

An upcoming non profit for misophonia is looking for members for an independent research board. This board will be charged with reviewing the institution’s research and ensuring that all studies on humans are done ethically, and with the best interests of the participants in mind. They are looking for the following: One scientist member (master’s,…
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Dealing With Misophonia Bitterness

Dealing with misophonia bitterness is easier said than done. Dr. Brout mentioned reassure in her misophonia guides (find here). Reassurance is the part of Misophonia where after you’ve gone away from the trigger and regulated, you come to a place where you understand the sounds are the thing bothering you not the world and people,…
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Misophonia International Research Goals 2023 Onward (A Huge Under-Taking)

Misophonia International is planning for some huge research undertakings in the coming years. We’ll need all the help we can get for this, and are thus writing up our plans and asking our community for their consideration of these proposed goals. Since misophonia research has been moving slower than we’d like, and not interacting with…
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What is Each Color Noise? White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown, and What Helps Misophonia?

The below image is a general overview of some types of noises. It’s important to first note that there is no research on sounds for misophonia, and why each sounds According to Healthy Hearing, “Sound is measured in decibels or dB. Any noise above 70 dB for an extended period can damage your hearing and…
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Help Develop Earplugs for Misophonia & Enter a Draw for Noise Cancelling Earphones!

Misophonia International is proud to be working with BlissPlugs to help them develop a product to help those of us with misophonia sleep better at night. Blissplugs has generously offered to provide a draw for Anker Noise Cancelling Headphones as part of this survey! They are also interested in early adopters and product testers who…
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CARE for Misophonia Day

Conversations About Research for Everyone May 16 • 2023 @ 9am-6pm EST Misophonia Research. Simple. So much has happened in the world of misophonia research in just the last couple of years. How does one make sense of it all? The CARE for Misophonia Day is an open, one-day event where leading misophonia researchers share…
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Misophonia at School Class Teachers and Parents (30 minutes)

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The Basics of Misophonia

Oops, Restricted Content We are sorry but this post is restricted to folks that have purchased this page. If this is a free product, please sign up to view. You do not need a credit card for free products! The Basics of Misophonia [Free 20 Minute Class] $0.00 Adults, Free Resources, On Demand Add to…
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What is Regulate, Reason, Reassure? Misophonia Coping Skills.

What is RRR? Regulate, Reason, Reassure, or “RRR” is a coping skills class for parents, (kids, teens, young adults), adults, or clinicians who are looking for a way to manage and understand misophonia. RRR combined psychoeducation, cognitive therapies, and a sensory self-regulation approach. RRR has three manuals: one for parents, one for adults, and one…
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Help us Grow Our Non Profit

As we start our journey toward becoming an officially registered nonprofit, we are asking members of the misophonia community to help us realize this dream. Through your financial support we can pay for essential start up costs such as government filings, administrative software, and other technical necessities. We welcome and appreciate all support!

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