The Tools I Use To Cope With Misophonia

Misophonia can be severely life-altering, but with a few life adjustments, it is possible to minimize the pain that comes with the extremely aversive reaction. For me, the most important part of living with misophonia has been adjusting to a world where I stay away from sounds as much as I can. I tend to work alone, in my room. I know this isn’t possible for everyone, but many of these tips can be helpful in a work environment, or at home.

I used to only wear earplugs when I was in a high-noise environment. Eventually, I cut out the middle-man and just started to wear them during most (if not all) daylight hours. So, affordable earplugs are a must for me. It’s worth noting that you should disinfect/clean your earplugs if you’re going to wear them for prolonged periods.

The earplugs I use to cope with misophonia:

You might not be able to tell, but I have Hearos Pearls in my ear for this picture.

I alternate between two brands. My favourite, by a long-shot, are the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00FGOHXB4|B006A41KOA’ text=’Hearos Pearls.’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|US’ link_id=’a81b6c85-dcff-11e7-98b7-bfed8d2c88d8′] These earplugs are tiny so they perfectly cover the ears without needing to go in too deep. They’re also not uncomfortable because there’s no excess. I actually have some in my ears right now. An added benefit of these are that they’re clear, and pretty much invisible if you have long hair. For persons working in public, or that do not wish to seem “rude” this can be an added bonus. I’ve also used kids swim earplugs. These are brightly colored and I usually wear them whilst swimming in the summer. I also wear them in the bathtub because I’m prone to swimmer’s ear. They’re much larger than the pearls, but they’re also super soft (and usually cheap for 3 pairs). The greatest problem with them is that they’re not inconspicuous. They come in bright red, blue and green. You can buy these earplugs [amazon_textlink asin=’B00FGOHXB4|B006A41KOA’ text=’on Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|US’ link_id=’a81b6c85-dcff-11e7-98b7-bfed8d2c88d8′], but they’re probably cheaper at your local drug-store. A cheap alternative for ordering online are [amazon_textlink asin=’B0009PVSMA|B00TDFJ6B2′ text=’Mack’s earplugs’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|US’ link_id=’1f5d21dd-dd0d-11e7-bac9-1194fca4a188′], but they are a bit larger. I don’t mind the large earplugs in a pinch, but they’re the same price in the drugstore, so I opt for the Pearls! Please be very careful and don’t insert them into the ear canal. If you get them stuck, you may need surgery. Seriously – never put anything into the actual canal of your ear. As Rachel explained in her own article, she once had to have surgery for this very reason.

The headphones I use to cope with misophonia

Here’s a confession. I’ve never found the perfect pair of headphones for my misophonia.

Actually, I’m not really sure one exists but I am always willing to find solutions. I’ve bought, sold, and gave away so many pairs. Until they died a terrible death, my go-to headphones for misophonia had to be my[amazon_textlink asin=’B00Q2Z4FTE|B00Q2Z4FTE|B00Q2Z4FTE’ text=’Bluedio Headphones’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniaint-21|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|UK|US’ link_id=’a3cbc1d9-df8a-11e7-9ae2-8dc909e21a41′]. What with soft sides, and a cheap price ($30 US, $40 CAD) they’re a great choice. I’ve been rigorously researching options for headphones, so if you have tips, please do comment!

White noise for sleep-time and misophonia

I can’t sleep without white noise. Ever. Not when I travel, not when I’m home, and certainly not for any reason at any given point. Any noise will wake me from a dead sleep. So, I’ve become vigilant about white noise when I sleep. My cellphone isn’t loud enough for me, so I’ve shied away from phone apps. I do listen to white-noise on my computer speakers, because they’re rather loud. For those with Apple Music, you can find the exact song I listen to here. I personally love listen to rain. Fans are another great one. For on the go, and in our camper (that is a secret hideaway for me), I have a [amazon_textlink asin=’B000F3QG0U|B000F3QG0U’ text=’noise generator’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|US’ link_id=’2c6a5e73-dd06-11e7-a7fb-cfa6895d0b3a’]. There are several different modes including white noise, rain, thunder, and ocean waves. Not only is the HoMedics soundspa small and portable, it works both with batteries and plugged in. I had originally purchased it as a quick fix (it was $30 in Canada) when I was travelling. It’s lasted over 2 years, and is usually on and running. Amazing price value.

Other tools I can’t live without

Because my sensory disorder encompasses more of my senses than just sounds, I have come to rely on other products. I sleep with an eye-mask. Always. The one I have is awesome and has two pockets at the bottom that reach out so that light doesn’t bleed in under your eyes. I suggest you invest in a good eye-mask, because sleep quality can really make a difference when you’re trying to cope. I mentioned this in an article on coping tips for misophonia and again in an article with life tips for when misophonia makes you tired. You can find [amazon_textlink asin=’B019JY9BO8|B019JY9BO8′ text=’eye masks on Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|US’ link_id=’e2aedf21-dd07-11e7-8865-21a1317ffefd’] that will be helpful for keeping the light out and your sleep more blissful. I actually have 2 extras just in-case I ever lose my main one.

You might also consider having something like [amazon_textlink asin=’B01EJHY9QK|B00PYS7R7M’ text=’lavender essential oils’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|US’ link_id=’5fa8bbfa-dd08-11e7-a9ce-fb2d38c35b12′] in a[amazon_textlink asin=’B073ZF3J2X|B00V9JP8EE’ text=’ diffuser’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’misophoniaint-20|misophoniai0b-20′ marketplace=’CA|US’ link_id=’4d2afff2-dd08-11e7-b7ff-8dab35a012cc’] to help you sleep.  These can also be used during the day, and essential oils are mentioned as part of the Sensory Diet by Susan Nesbit (activities and tools to help persons with misophonia or SPD cope).

What are the tools that you can’t live without for coping with misophonia? Let me know! Also, if you have a lot of suggestions, consider submitting your own article and helping others!

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