The Duke Center For Misophonia and Emotion Regulation

I would like to say, thank you to Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout for her work initially starting the program for Misophonia (sensation and emotion) at Duke University. Thank you to Dr. Zach Rosenthal for all your hard work, dedication, and amazing accomplishments that have led to the opening of the CMER (Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation). This is truly an amazing day for Misophonia – and I can’t believe how much has happened (and is happening) for Misophonia research. I am so grateful, and very thankful! For those interested, you can view the official program site from Duke. This is my personal thank you to all involved. I am in awe of your dedication and honorable work!

 —  Shaylynn

The Duke Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation (CMER) is actively conducting clinical research on misophonia, providing education to the public, and evaluating patients with treatment and management recommendations about misophonia. Given how little is known about misophonia, the opportunities for discovery and improved care are virtually limitless.

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Duke “Misophonia: Insights from Recent Studies” E-Conference

Their website can be found here:


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