Resources for Parenting A Child With Misophonia

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Parenting is tough without any special challenges. Parenting a child with misophonia comes with extra challenges, but this does not mean that you are without hope, and you are certainly not alone in this struggle! The following resources can be helpful for parents of children and teenagers with misophonia. With the right amount of tools and support, your child can learn to cope and manage misophonia in day to day situations. is a website focused on children with misophonia. It will be updated frequently, including when new research is available.


Free Misophonia Parents’ Guide

This free guide is available for parents’ as a basic introduction to misophonia. It can be downloaded here: //


Sensory Diet by Susan Nesbit, O.T.

This free sensory diet is a template for activities that can help your child avoid “meltdowns” and “shutdowns” that come with misophonia. It can be downloaded here: //


Misophonia Guide for Doctors

This guide is useful to print and bring to your child’s medical provider to explain misophonia. It can be downloaded here: //


Misophonia Provider Network

The site helps parents and patients find providers in their area. It is updated regularly.



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