Misophonia Test – Do You Have It?

There is no official Misophonia test. However, this check-list may be helpful in self-diagnosis.

Currently there is no formal diagnostic criteria for Misophonia. This means that there is no way to truly test whether or not a person has the disorder. Symptoms vary from person to person. This does not mean that you cannot tell if you have the disorder. Many sufferers have come together in communities based upon their similar experiences.

It is important first to note that current tests and scales for misophonia are not necessarily ratified by extensive science. Because of this, you should be cautious if you are presented with a misophonia test. As there is no official classification for misophonia, diagnosis is complicated for professionals. Though these scales are not necessarily perfect, professionals may use them to help decipher if their patient is struggling with misophonia.

If you suffer from several of the following you may in-fact, be suffering from sound sensitivity or audial over-responsivity.  The checklist below may be helpful in determining whether or not you have sound sensitivities, however, if you are here, then chances are you already know the answer is, “yes”. It’s not in your head and you are not alone.

While we do not have a misophonia test, the following checklist may be beneficial to understand whether or not you may have the disorder. If you are interested in what triggers are common in misophonia, you can read our list of triggers. This list is not exhaustive.

Take the quiz and find out if you may have misophonia. Please note that this is an unofficial test.

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Other Sensations sufferers may have

  • Normal every day sounds cause a reaction of panic, anger, frustration, or irritation
  • Certain textures are hard for you to touch without feeling “strange”
  • Normal every day visuals cause a reaction of panic, anger, frustration, or irritation
  • Increased anxiety when faced with a “trigger” situation
  • Feeling “out of place”
  • Some scents are overwhelming such as “scent allergies”

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If you believe that you have misophonia you can read coping tips, view misophonia treatment options, or try the sensory diet listed above.


Looking for more information on misophonia? Consider attending our workshops at Misophoniaeducation.com

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