A Relaxed You is a Better You

When you hear the term “hangover” the first thought that comes to mind is the pain you experience after a night of drinking.  But have you ever thought of another kind of hangover?

For example, when I suffer from a migraine, the headache will typically last a few days. Normally by the third or fourth day I experience what I call a “headache hangover.” Basically it is the residual pain of the migraine, I am not quite feeling back to normal. I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Like most Misophonia sufferers, there are days that we are overly sensitive to our triggers which often may leads to a “Misophonia meltdown.” For me this means I have exceeded my tolerance and typically break down into tears, or perhaps “lose my cool.” On days like this, no matter what I do to decompress, chances are my efforts will be unsuccessful. The best thing that I can do for myself is go to bed. Often the next day I will experience a “meltdown hangover.” What does this mean? I wake up and my trigger mode is still in a heightened area. I feel sad, depressed and basically “in a funk.”

There are many different coping mechanisms that affect different people in different ways. What are some coping mechanisms that I use to try to decompress? Ironically enough many of these things I was doing before I even knew the word Misophonia. 

Scented candles: I love using wax melts or candles. There is something about the soft glow of the flame flickering that I find soothing.

Pampering: My husband bought me an amazing foot massager that works wonders, followed by a soothing foot soak. I enhance the experience by journaling or burning candles. Maybe you prefer to take a long bubble bath?                                                                                                                                                                                            Coloring: An activity that I do every day, it helps me relax and soothes my soul. This is an interest that I am able to share with my daughter.

Spa treatments: A 45 minute session in a Himalayan salt cave has to be the most relaxing experience. Relaxing in a chair with a cozy blanket, ambient lighting, sounds of ocean waves flowing takes me to another dimension. Not only does it calm my soul, it also offers incredible health benefits. I have also enjoyed aqua massage treatments as well as a body detoxification.


Journal: It is always therapeutic to be able to put your feelings into words. You can express your feelings of love, hate, vent your frustrations and no matter what you say or how you feel, your journal will never pass judgement.



Quiet time: 15-30 minutes alone in quiet can be very enriching to your well- being.    

Purging: Cleaning out the cabinets or closet is a wonderful way to be productive and “clean out” your emotional garbage at the same time. Let’s hear it for multitasking!

No matter what things you do that help you relax, the important thing is to make some time every day for yourself even if that means sitting on the sofa watching your favorite show. You matter and you deserve to relax and unwind.

Take time for yourself!

A relaxed you is a better you.

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