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For all of you that have followed Misophonia International in the past two years, you know that this is less of a passion project and more of a necessity. Those of us that run the project, volunteer, or work with the IMRN, do so because we too suffer from misophonia. Much of my life has been dedicated to my sensory disorder and to the heavy impact it has on my life. Because of misophonia I am now nocturnal. I hide from daytime like it’s the plague. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine and beaches, but it’s something I’ve given up because the noises are too intense. This isn’t a post about how hard misophonia is on my life. Instead, it’s excitement for the future.

The Duke program for Misophonia is now extending its duties, adding more studies, and about to get some wonderful studies either published or started. What does this mean for you? It means that amazing researches are putting their heads together and actually looking into scientific evidence that could lead to treatment. I mean that. Real and viable treatments. This is beyond exciting. Many of you will be skeptical of this. I don’t blame you. It’s a hard disorder to live with. However, the work of Joseph E. LeDoux (neuroscientist at NYU) is so compelling that we now have reason to be truly excited about research.

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While donating to research can certainly help this study, it’s not all you can do. Raising awareness by sharing our articles with your friends, writing your own experiences (we’ll publish you!). We’re always looking for volunteers to help us in this journey. While we can’t promise a treatment or a cure, we can promise you that we will continue to connect you with researchers that are studying this disorder vigorously.  I can promise you that I’m actually excited about where this program will lead us. I can tell you that misophonia is something that I don’t expect to live with for the rest of my life. This isn’t about false promises, or snake oil. This is about supporting researchers that are exploring the scientific nature of the brain. This is about real answers.

After talking with many of the researchers (specifically many of the published scientists and scientists researching misophonia all over the world) I can tell you that I’ve never been more excited about research. While the LeDoux study is a little complex for some to read (my eyes are tired from just skimming) you are free to take a look!

Learn.-Mem.-2017-Tallot-115-2 (click to read the research paper)

While I understand skepticism, I hope that you can come out of this with some hope. Hope that researchers care. Hope that we, as advocates, will always be on your side. As we read over comments about persons struggling, as we look forward, we are always looking out for the best interests of the community. Part of that is that we will never promise you something that does not exist. For now, there is still no treatment. There are no magical pills. There are amazing professionals that are willing to try (www.misophoniaproviders.com) to help you cope. There are researchers (www.misophonia-research.com) that are fighting for answers.

My promise to you is that we’re going to beat this. We’re going to be okay.

As the summer goes on, I hope we can all come together and support the researchers that are trying their best to help us. I hope we can realize the amazing value of research, and I hope we can see results that are promising. Have an amazing summer!




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Christine Scolaro July 22, 2017 - 3:16 am

Shaylynn. This is a beautiful read! Thank you for continuing to fight for the cause and inspire so many of us who have the pleasure of following you. I believe there will be real help in the not so distant future. Regards ~ Allie’s mom.

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