How To Donate To Duke

Are donations to the Misophonia Sensory and Emotion Program tax deductible?

Yes, gifts made directly to Duke are tax deductible, as Duke University has 501c3 non-profit status. We provide tax receipts for all gifts made by US residents. If the gift is made online, an emailed tax receipt is automatically generated at the time the gift is made. If the gift is sent via check, a paper receipt is generated the day after the check is processed and sent via mail.

Online giving link for the misophonia fund at Duke:

Is there a minimum spending amount for tax receipts?

Duke honours all donations over $.50 USD. Therefore, will receive a receipt for your donation even if it is under $10.00.

Can I donate via check and mail?

Yes! Please follow the following instructions to mail your donation to Duke.

  1. Check is made out to “Duke University”
  2. On the memo line write “Misophonia 391-0412”
  3. Mail the check to the following:

Duke University

Department of Psychiatry

Attn: Sandra Williams

DUMC –Box 3071

Durham NC  27710


Are non-US Residents eligible for tax receipts?

As to the question about Canadian and European donors, there is some information available here that you might find helpful: I know we have donors around the world who support Duke, but I’d recommend international individuals check with their financial advisor about the specific regulations that apply to their residency status. They can also contact me with specific questions, and I will investigate.



If you are a UK taxpayer—even if you also pay taxes in the US—you may be able to significantly increase the value of your gift. Find out how the Duke UK Trust Limited can make your donation worth more.



Through Transnational Giving Europe (TGE), donors in participating countries can direct gifts to Duke University through Duke’s UK-registered charity, Duke U.K. Trust Limited (Duke UK Trust). More information on TGE is available here.


Donors can also contact me (Morgan Pope) directly by phone or email to discuss individual questions (919-385-3121 or

Want to know the misophonia studies taking place at Duke? Please visit the Misophonia Research study page.

Looking for more information on misophonia? Consider attending our workshops at

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Ivan Shapiro June 21, 2019 - 9:15 am

i have misophonia, dog barking being the primary trigger. A recent EEG shows an abnormal pattern in the temporal lobe.
Do other misophonia sufferers exhibit the same abnormality ?

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