Your fundraising efforts can help find a cure for misophonia.

The research of the Sensation and Sensory Processing and Emotion Regulation Program has several on-going misophonia studies. In order for misophonia research to continue and for clinical trials to be conducted on human subjects, funding will be needed to help accommodate. Together we can support this network of excellent researchers and add to the network. We can also make sure that the researchers we work with are studying what is important to we the sufferers. The IMNR does not personally accept donations. We are misophonia sufferers and families of sufferers who help researchers we believe in raise money for research we believe in. We only work with researchers we trust, who take us seriously, and who care about us as individuals.

Parties that wish to donate can do so directly to the program through Duke’s donation system.

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Fundraising Types

  • Community fundraisers
  • Online fundraisers
  • Unique fundraising ideas
  • Donation raffles

What Your Fundraising Does

  • Helps fund research at Duke University, to work toward a cure
  • Helps with programs that educate therapists and families about misophonia
  • Helps with programs that work toward coping skills

Send us your fundraising link, online party, or event, and we will list it as part of our events calendar. We will also share it on social media.

If you would like to collaborate with us to help create fundraiser ideas, please contact

Learn more about misophonia research here.

You can find information about fundraising here.

More fundraising ideas here.


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