Everything You Need To Know About Misophonia Research

Don’t know where to start in your quest for research on misophonia? This page can help you guide your search. I suggest that you take the time to look around Misophonia International, checking FAQs and reading headings, or searching for more specific information, but this resource aims to point you to some of the most important parts of misophonia research. We aim to provide an interesting, informative, and fresh perspective on how sufferers view research. We connect you directly to researchers. We do this by partnering with the International Misophonia Research Network. Want to know more about these researchers? Please view the esteemed researchers on the IMRN advisory board.

Current Research Studies

Misophonia Research


Updates on Misophonia Research Studies

Memory Reconsolidation Study at Duke University Could Help Treat Misophonia

Exploring The Amygdala’s Role in Misophonia

What Causes Misophonia? | The Polyvagal Theory

Sukhbinder Kumar’s Misophonia Study



Interviews With Researchers & Professionals

Zachary Rosenthal, Ph.D. Talks Misophonia

Research Interview with Mercede Erfanian

Researcher Miren Edelstein and Misophonia

What Is Music Therapy?


More Thoughts on Misophonia Research

Why I’m Excited About Research


How Can You Help?

Finding a Cure for Misophonia

Research Realities


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