Finding a Cure for Misophonia

The cure for Misophonia has yet to come.

While some people believe there is little hope for a cure for misophonia, I believe we are closer than ever. New research findings such as that of Dr. Kumar in the UK, the Duke Misophonia program, and research of the LeDoux Lab at NYU, have shown that not only is misophonia being researched, but break-throughs are being garnered for the relatively new condition. These studies are great cause for optimism!


Did you know that research isn’t currently being funded by the NIMH?

In fact, according to research on the NIMH’s own website:

After a doubling of the NIMH budget between 1998 and 2003, NIMH appropriations have stalled with little growth over the past decade. Indeed, corrected for inflation, NIMH has “undoubled” with a budget that is on par with 1999. As a result, less than one in five grants can be funded and many promising projects cannot be supported.


If research isn’t being funded, what are our options?

Misophonia isn’t likely to be funded by government programs, especially since it has yet to be listed in any diagnostics manuals. The great thing is that researcher programs, and researchers that you trust, most often accept private donations. This is really exciting. Now, more than ever, we have the power to choose researchers that matter to us. A simple $1-$5 donation can go a great length if many persons are donating.


Are you wondering how you can donate to misophonia research?

The IMRN (International Misophonia Research Network) directly works with researchers that have an interest in misophonia. Not only does the IMRN feature an advisory board of top of the line professionals, but the IMRN also provides a list of current studies, as well as links to donate. Simply click the links and you can be on your way to a cure, or at least the research that will help us find one!


But, what if I want to get others involved?

If you want to get others involved, you can check out Misophonia Awareness. Misophonia Awareness is a website that exists to give ideas on research fundraisers, and will post events on an interactive calendar.

Change starts from home. Sometimes it is as simple as asking your friends and family to each help contribute a small amount. After all, if 100,000 people give $1 that’s $100,000. We do not ask for your donations directly – we ask you to give them to the researchers. Community and web campaigns are both important to the cause. You can make the most out of a local event by spreading it online and encouraging others to do the same.


Leave a comment below with your best ideas for helping find the cure for misophonia.

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