5 Things That Misophonia Made Me Dislike

It was some years ago that I reached that point when misophonia gets worse, I don’t know if it just happened naturally or at least I don’t want to associate it with certain life events.
At first I started to notice background sounds more, and little by little they would distract me too much and even make me angry. Misophonia has been a process, with so many drastic changes in my life style and tastes.

Here are 5 Things That Misophonia Made Me Dislike

I used to be an animal person. After moving from my parents house and subsequently not being around our dog anymore I started to find dogs harder to handle, to the point that now I just find them annoying. Not only I can’t stand their noises and have to block my ears, I get many visual triggers from them.
At first I would tell myself it’s not the animal’s fault, then I would question why people enjoy them so much, and lately plainly hate having them around, even though I really like them.
Most people think I dislike dogs, but I used to help at local shelters whenever I could by cleaning kennels and bathing dogs and cats, now I do it with financial means, because it’s what I can do for them now. As much as I would love to adopt an animal again, it wouldn’t be easy for me.
How did it change so much? I know it’s not me or them, it’s misophonia what made things so complicated.

Cinemas. Just thinking about enjoying a film in a huge screen and with the boosted sound system would make me very happy, the smell of popcorn, hearing other people laugh. Now the idea of being in a cinema makes me cringe: people speaking, kids being noisy, popcorn and soda no thank you.
The other point being I feel like my sense of hearing has gotten more sensitive, and the volume is just more than what I can stand.

Taking a walk around the city. Just walking around, seeing other people, not listening to music with earphones, getting lost in thought. Not anymore.
Now I need to use headphones and also try to walk faster to avoid being exposed more than necessary to any sounds that may trigger me. Can’t ignore the traffic, traffic lights with speakers are torture, people walking around speaking loud or listening to music from the built in speakers.
I stay at home more than ever, and avoid coffee shops more than posible.

Warm and sunny days. This one is the most interesting changes, since I’m from a city in the mediterranean coast, in a country where tourist mostly visit for it’s bright sun, beaches and high ratio of warm days during the year, which I really used to enjoy even though I get burnt easily.
Now rainy and cold days are my top favourite weather, and I know I’m lucky that rain is not one of my triggers. There’s less people in the streets when it’s raining and/or cold, everything moves more slowly and also seems muffled or either your brain is too cold as to think about it.

Being around classmates. I tried college, as in being in a classroom packed with people, and then had to give up because of obvious reasons. Being around your classmates, having an organized schedule and studying is something that I truly enjoy, but as you can imagine it became too difficult to keep up due to the triggers.
Nowadays I study online, which most of the time feels lonely and it’s difficult to be regular when you have to stay at home for so many hours, but at least I’m thankful for being able to study without having to fight-or-flight at the same time.

These are some personal cases that may not apply to everyone who suffers from misophonia, so I’m curious about how things changed for other people who did notice misophonia gradually taking over their lifes, if they remember a certain sound when they were able to ignore it, or how it wouldn’t make them react in any way.

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