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Alvantor Bed Canopy Bed Tent

by Misophonia International






Product Quality/Build





  • Easy to set up
  • Good quality
  • Blocks light
  • Strong material
  • As advertised


  • Expensive

I reached out to Alvantor because I was really curious about how their bed tents would be for a sensory space. As Dr. Brout recommends in her Regulate, Reason, Reassure guides to misophonia, a space in your house with sensory toys or soothing materials can be helpful for misophonia, so I decided to try this! I received the tent for free, but that does not color my opinions of the product, as nothing was promised other than a tent in exchange for a fair and truthful review.

I have set it up in the basement because there’s nowhere else in my house with room. Luckily, I have an extra bed so I set it up there. The set up was very simple and straight-forward. I was worried because I HATE putting tents together, but all I had to do was insert 3 poles, and the rest of the tent just “popped up” ready to go.

I can also say that the tent is VERY STURDY because my cat is constantly jumping on the top of it, and there’s been no tears as of yet. I haven’t gotten all of my sensory tools in here, but I’ve been loading it up with pretty colored lights, play dough, coloring tools, fluffy pillows, and crafts, and I’ve been very happy with the size and space inside the tent so far. I’ve also gone into the tent when feeling overwhelmed, and I must say that it was nice to escape from the world for a time. The feeling of privacy and safety really does work with these tents, and is a great way to have a separation from the busy world.

I am going to put bright sheets and blankets in the tent so that it feels like a very soothing environment. As you can see, my cat agrees that this tent is a really nice sensory space.

The only real “draw back” is that they’re pricy and have import fees if you’re not in the USA, but they’re still a great value, and I haven’t found anything like it.

The smaller twin versions of these tents would be awesome for parents trying to build a sensory space for their kids in small homes. They also come in pink!

I recommend this product, and I’m really excited to spend more time in my tent.

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